Personal Assistants

There are many advantages to having your own P.A:

Recruitment Process:

We will aim to provide staff who:

Staff Training

All staff complete an induction in line with Skills for Care Common Induction Standards.

The eight standards map across to the mandatory units of the new Health and Social Care Diploma to ensure there is consistency of approach for the workforce.

Where required by individual need, staff are also given specialised training  in:

We can develop and/or buy in training to suit individual needs.

Staff appraisals and Job Consultations

A well constructed performance planning and appraisal programme is seen as a particularly valuable means of developing a cohesive, motivated and efficient workforce, of which staff play an important part.
Staff have the opportunity to discuss their individual training needs, plans, performance, problems etc. on a minimum 3 monthly basis with their Manager via job consultation and an annual appraisal.
All staff are supported to develop skills and personal development.

Contracts between Future Directions and the

Future Directions CIC agrees to:

  1. Help you to be in control of your life – this is called Self-Determination.
  2. Help you to decide your future.
  3. Help you with your money.
  4. Support you in your home.
  5. Support you in your day-to-day life.
  6. Support you to be included in your community and your relationships.

Your Commitment:

  1. Tell the people supporting you what you think about your support.
  2. Tell the people supporting you if your support needs change.
  3. Unless agreed otherwise:  Tell us at least a week in advance if you choose to cancel some parts of your support.
  4. Unless agreed otherwise:  Tell us at least a week in advance if you choose to increase or decrease your hours.
  5. Use our complaints procedure if you are unhappy with the support you are receiving.
  6. Use our easy to understand questionaire which will ask you for your views on how we can improve how we support you and speak with and your family.

Your ‘Individual Service Fund Agreement’


  1. Description of the service to be provided.
  2. Total cost of the service to be provided.
  3. Hours of support.
  4. Cost of breakdown.
  5. Contingency provision (money we may keep for emergencies but has been agreed with you)
  6. What to do if you wish to end the agreement.

Hourly Rate

Future Directions CIC understands that each individual has their own individual support requirements. Each support package is tailor made for each individual and a price per hour will be evaluated based on the level of support required.  Please get in touch to discuss your requijrments. 

Phone or email: Marle House on 0161 769 9000 / [email protected]

People to contact:

John Exton email: [email protected]
Andy Alcock email: [email protected]


Our 5 key key messages

Future Directions CIC Aim to:

  1. Provide support at home and in the community.
  2. Ensure full people who we support and/or Family involvement and engagement.
  3. Provide specialist service provider/experience.
  4. Provide excellent training and recruitment processes.
  5. Be a consistent, reliable and responsive service provision.


  1. Future Directions will support you to choose your own personal assistants.
  2. Future Directions will support you to be part of and involved in your community.
  3. Future Directions will listen to you and take time to understand what your wishes and needs are.
  4. Future Directions will support you to maintain and develop your independence and to have choice and control in your life.
  5. Future Directions will take into account all known aspects in your life when planning your support. Including positive risk taking.
  6. Future Directions will ensure that you have a clearly written agreement that reflects the support we provide to you.
  7. Future Directions will ensure that staff are suitably trained to meet your needs and wishes.
  8. Future Directions will offer value for money.
  9. Future Directions will make every effort to communicate with you in a way that you wish and understand.
  10. Future Directions will treat you with dignity and respect.


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