A Look at Helping People Thrive

15th July 2020 |

How Learning Disability England’s new guide aims to help people who have been in hospital or Long Term Segregation Units for too long

Learning Disability England has released a new guide called Helping People Thrive.  It looks at five different stories of people that have left hospital or ATUs.  This makes the guide easier to follow, not only for the people we support and our care sector, but also friends, family and anyone who is interested in autism spectrum conditions and learning disabilities.  

Each person’s story is different; one of them, called Mr. Wonderful, has been in hospitals and assessment centres – and formed his own social care provider.  Susan, whose support is based around her needs, is happy to have her own home and a cat.  Mary is settling down, thanks to one-to-one support on a weekly basis.  After a difficult past, Rodney is happier because of people that recognise his needs.  Andrew, after being seen by specialists in autism spectrum conditions, gained support from his family, with independent advice and advocacy from a charity.

All of the five stories look at successful outcomes and how different approaches suited each person.  Each one being based on The BELONG Manifesto, which looks at six things that help us to live happy lives.  As well as good housing, support, and healthcare, it also means earning a living and being part of a community.

Help wanted for second guide

For the second part of the two part guide, Learning Disability England, BILD and the Valuing People Alliance need your help.  If you know people with a learning disability or autism spectrum condition, who have been in hospital or an Assessment and Training Unit for a long time, they would like to hear from you.  If this has happened to you, they too would like to hear from you.  All you or your friend needs to do is tell them:

  • How did you decide where to live?
  • How did you decide who would support you?
  • How does your support help you with living your life?
  • What do you want to do next in your life?

Get in touch with Learning Disability England by email on info@ldengland.org.uk or telephone on 0300 111 0444.

How do I get a copy of Helping People Thrive?

You can get a copy of Helping People Thrive from the Learning Disability England website.  The link is learningdisabilityengland.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Helping-People-Thrive-00000002.pdf.

Image courtesy of Learning Disability England, taken from Helping People Thrive booklet.

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