Be Strong Because Things Will Get better

15th October 2020 |

"Be strong because things will get better.  It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever."

Hi Everyone

I am constantly amazed and impressed by how well each of you have been coping with dealing with the effect of COVID-19 on our lives and the lives of people we support.

I know everything has changed in the last few months and it goes on and on!

It is also highly likely that as winter draws in, infection rates will increase along with testing and we will continue to see rising numbers of people we support and our teams being COVID-19 positive in the next few months.

It has been you hard work, living out our values, dedication and the ability to work to our plans that has kept people safe during these last few months.  You have done amazing and you have saved lives.

The next few months we are all going to have to keep each other going and keep doing things that keep each other safe and follow plans.  This will be more important than ever as winter hits us.  We can't control the virus, we can only control how we manage it and work to lessen its spread and impact.

As we go forward into the next phase we need to also be kind to each other.  Find ways of supporting each other and find the joy and fun whenever we can.

Yes, I know we all can’t live like we use to do, we miss people and stuff we use to do however if we just focus on this, all we do is focus on things that are beyond our control and focus on the sadness and loss.

We need to focus on what we still have, for example, our health, our jobs, each other and our ability to make the best of every situation.  

I have heard people say "let’s cancel Christmas!!"  I say the opposite, "let’s go big for Christmas, let’s decorate everywhere inside and out, let’s have as much goodies as we can cope with and remind ourselves that better days lie ahead!!"

This is why we are doing virtual Celebration Days next week. The dates are:

  • Stanley Grange: Wednesday 21st October 2020;
  • Rochdale and Oldham: Thursday 22nd October 2020;
  • Manchester and Stockport: Friday 23rd October 2020;
  • Lancashire: Monday 26th October 2020;
  • Yorkshire and Rochdale Outreach: Wednesday 28th October 2020;
  • Specialist Services: Thursday 29th October 2020;
  • Trafford: Friday 30th October 2020.

Your hard work, your ability to live out our values and make a real difference to people’s lives deserves to be celebrated.  Next week please tune in at 2.30 pm [on our Facebook page] for Music Man's tribute to each of our teams and let's celebrate all your hard work and everything we have.


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