Breaking News: Best News Ever! (Paula's Message, 02 December 2020)

2nd December 2020 |

Today marks an important day in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with news of the Pfizer vaccine jab's approval in the UK. Here's Paula's message about today's medical breakthrough.

To All Staff and Teams,

This morning I was driving into work and listening to the 7am news. On that bulletin was breaking news that the Pfizer vaccine jab has been approved for use in the UK and will be available from next week.

I had tears running down my face. Not sad tears but tears of happiness and relief.

Over this last year this virus has not only tried attaching to our bodies but also our lives and everything we hold dear. The thought that in a few months’ time we could hug people we are not related to, go on holiday abroad, have our big celebration day back, have real life parties, go and see live music, go to a pub, not have to constantly be worried about the safety of the people we support and our teams, fill me with real joy! It is the best Christmas present ever!

Yet there is already tons of fake news and conspiracy theories trying to scare people not to have the vaccine. The scary thing is that the vaccine will only be effective if the majority of people have it.

The most wild one I have heard is that some people believe that a secret plan by Bill Gates to put implants into people so our movements can be tracked. I am 100% confident that Bill Gates does not care where Karen from Stockport is on a Friday night at 5pm (No offence Karen!)  Newsflash, if for some reason he was interested then he could use existing technology like our mobile phones which most of us have and track our every movement!

I have more sympathy for people who are worried about the speed the vaccine has been developed. However Pfizer and other big players have not just been developing this research since this year, they have been working how to manage a major pandemic since Ebola in 2013. This vaccine is the product of years of research on how to deal with a pandemic. On top of this, because it has affected the whole world there has been more worldwide resources put into finding this than has ever happened before and this has undoubtedly helped speed things up. I for one, will be jumping for joy to have a vaccine. I want to hug people, see people, go to the match, go on holiday and celebrate with my Future Directions family.

This will take a while to roll out so we mustn’t be complacent until it is rolled out, we must keep doing everything to keep everyone safe. We have lost some amazing people to this dreadful virus and we miss them. We still have people who are poorly ill and fighting this and we are desperate for the people we support and our teams to get back to full health.

Thank you for continuing to save lives, thank you for working so hard and living out our values and putting others first. You have been, and are, amazing! Your work is invaluable and really makes a difference!

Let’s keep going, we have, as Kevin would say in his song, been stronger together and we will get through this. There are better times ahead.

Merry Christmas.


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