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28th June 2017 |

It’s a Dog’s Life!

It started off just an ordinary day, little did I know it was going to be a world away from my usual Friday routine…

As usual, we got up early – way too early for me but I like to humour my mummy – and off we went for our morning walk.  When we got back, I did my usual trick of lying in my bed looking all sad because Mum was going off to work.  I know it works because she comes and gives me cuddles in between brushing her teeth and getting dressed and then she says to Dad how bad she feels that she’s leaving me (he never listens, just mumbles something about her being needy then he goes and gets breakfast).  When it was time for her to leave, I followed her and lay at the top of the stairs giving it my best ‘please don’t go’ look, only this time was different, Mum clicked her fingers and shouted me to come too!  What??!  Am I dreaming??!  Have I won the lottery??  Me, yes me, I get to go too!! Whoo-hoo!!  I’ve actually no idea where we are going but I’m up for it! 

After a short car ride, we arrived somewhere where I’ve never been before.  It looked very nice and all the people there were saying nice things about me and stroking me so I thought it must be ok.  There was one lady though who groaned when I walked in and said something about not liking dogs so I decided to keep my distance from her and only wee on her shoes if I really needed to as an emergency measure.

I stayed close to Mum as I wasn’t too sure where we were or what we were doing there.  A few other dogs arrived and I really wanted to go and play but they were much bigger than me (one was even taking his human for a walk) so I waited until they came to introduce themselves.  Thankfully Mum was there for me to hide behind because I really wasn’t too sure how it was all going to pan out. 

Not long after it looked like we were on the move again.  Mum put my lead on and off we went to the car.  I jumped in thinking that we were heading home but NO! We were only going for a walk!  IN THE PARK!  This is seriously the best day ever!  All the other dogs and their humans were there and we also met up with some new doggy friends who had their Mums and Dad with them too.  One dog had her own buggy, how posh is that?  Mum said something about the dog having babies in her belly but I’ve no idea what she means.  Everyone knows babies come from behind gooseberry bushes. Doh.

Anyway, Mum took off my lead and I decided that my new doggy friends were all a nice bunch so off I went running up the hill with them.  We played chase and I met Dixie who was my favourite because he looked after me.

There was one dog, Charlie who kept barking at Goody.  Mum said it was because Goody was bigger than him but I doubt that because that means I would have to bark at everybody (cats included!).  After a while, we were all playing chase and having fun and I was feeling great when out of the blue, Charlie decided I was lunch!  He pounced on me like I was a flyaway bag of crisps but I managed to squeal enough to get Mums attention and she came to save me.  Charlie was in so much trouble – his human put him back on the lead and he wasn’t allowed to play anymore.  I decided I should stick with Mum because you don’t know what you don’t know and she could keep me safe.  I walked cautiously by her side for a while and kept a close eye on Charlie to make sure he couldn’t reach me but he was very quiet and I’m guessing he was regretting being so boisterous now that he was on his lead. 

Halfway through our walk we met up with even more doggy friends and their humans.  I was starting to feel a bit better now that I knew Charlie was being kept on his lead and I decided to venture out and walk a bit more into the group.  Big mistake!!  I was just positioning myself in the middle of the group when out of the blue I felt a shoe on my bum and the next thing I know, I’m 2 feet up in the air!  Obviously, the human who I decided to walk in front of didn’t take too kindly to that and Mum said she penalty kicked me out of the way.  I didn’t mind though, Mum said the human didn’t mean to hurt me so I thought best if I just play it cool and walk behind everyone else for a while – full senses alert!!

After a while, someone mentioned something about a café and this perked me up.  I love a trip to the café, you always know you are going to get a couple of treats, particularly if you put on your cutest face and tilt your head a bit (a good doggy friend taught me that).  I bounced on ahead and forgot all about my earlier incidents.  We stopped at the café and we all had a drink and a few treats then it was time to head back.

Unfortunately, on the way back, my new buddy Dixie decided to (accidentally) knock me over and I fell 4 foot down the side of a wall.  I escaped unscathed albeit a little dazed.  Now, most dogs would start to take this personally but not me, I carried on regardless but had to draw the line once Paula got tangled in her bag and nearly stood on me – it wasn’t my fault we were running round her in circles, she was the one with all the treats!

We headed back to ‘the office’ and we were all pretty tired.  Dixie was a typical male and was grumpy until he’d had a nap.  I was over the moon because I got to sit on my Mum’s lap whilst she had a meeting (not sure what that is).  I think it’s because she felt sorry for me but I don’t mind.  I’ve had a great day and I can’t wait to come back on the 14th July.  Only next time, I’m coming armed…



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