Keep Calm and Carry On: Paula's Message

17th September 2020 |

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is on its way. Though death rates are lower than they were two months into the pandemic, infection rates are rising. In Paula's message, it says how we cannot afford to be complacent as we get closer to winter.

To all staff and teams,

Keep Calm and Carry On

Anyone who regularly reads my weekly message will know that months ago I warned it was highly likely we would see Wave 2 of Covid-19, especially as we hit the winter flu season. It gives me no pleasure that, on this occasion, it looks like my prediction is right.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen the R (infection) rate across the country increase significantly. 9 out of 10 Doctors believe that we will be in a second wave in the winter months. Across the North we have always had higher rates than the rest of the country. At the same time with schools going back along with universities, workplaces etc., it was inevitable this would increase the risk of people getting this vile virus.

I have seen on social media posts about the virus not existing, all a conspiracy for government control! I have seen a lot of people who are acting as if nothing ever happened. You try telling relatives of thousands of people who have died that this is not real! It is an insult to nurses and social care staff who have lost their lives protecting others, to their memories of those people, to come out with such rubbish! We have known people ourselves, who were loved and respected, who were taken by this evil disease. This virus is very real. It is not going away and highly likely to come back in a second wave as we hit winter.

Day by day we are living out our values, keeping to the plan, wearing PPE and following infection control guidelines. So please let’s keep going and doing the same to ensure we keep you and the people we support safe throughout winter.

If, and when, we hit Wave 2 please remember:

  • We will get through it together like we have done so far.
  • We have detailed plans for how we get through it for every scenario we can think of (barring Alien invasion at some time!) and we are well prepared for working together to manage it.
  • So far, what we have done has worked and we will keep doing what we are doing to keep safe and we won’t let complacency of others affect us.
  • We will control the things we can control (e.g.: PPE, infection control, who does what and when etc.) to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • We are in this together and by living out our values we will get through this together.
  • This too shall pass! Not today, not next month but it will eventually get to the other side.
  • We will review the situation constantly to ensure you and the people we support have what you need to stay safe.
  • If you need anything or need any extra support tell us as we need to look after you so you can look after the people we support.

Your work is invaluable and you are saving lives. Thank you again for living out our values and keeping people we support safe and happy.

You are doing a brilliant job!

Paula Braynion,

Managing Director, Future Directions CIC.

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