Learning Disability Week 2020: The Importance of Friendships During Lockdown

12th June 2020 |

Learning Disability Week 2020

From the 15th June to the 21st June is this year's Learning Disability Week. This year's theme is about The Importance of Friendships During Lockdown.

For many of us, not being able to see family and friends has been one of the toughest parts of lockdown. This can be really hard on our mental health, so it’s important that we try to stay connected - even if we can't physically see each other.

We asked members of SPICE how they have been staying connected during this difficult time – here’s what they said.

Group video calls

Group video calls

SPICE have been keeping in contact with each other through weekly zoom meetings. This has been a great way of keeping the group together. 
We have all had fun doing quizzes, sharing our art work and singing songs. 

“I just really like seeing everyone.” – John



One-to-one video calls

One-to-One Video Calls

Some people have told us that they don’t like group chats and prefer having conversations on a one-to-one basis as this is easier for them. 

“I’ve been using WhatsApp to keep in contact with people, it’s top mate.” – Abby

Just seeing people’s faces can be really uplifting and bring back a bit of normality.



Phone callsPhone calls

A good old-fashioned phone call is a great way to keep in contact with people. Just hearing someone else’s voice can make such a difference.

“If I’m feeling upset or down I’ll ring someone and it makes me feel better.” – Stevan.

“I’ve been ringing Lesley, my girlfriend.” – Eric.


Doing activities together online: Fun Time Friday.

Doing Activities Together Online

Doing activities at the same time can be a really good way to stay connected to others and have shared moments. 

Fun Times Fridays with our ‘Music Man’ Kevin is live on our Facebook page every Friday at 1:30pm. Lots of members of SPICE tune in to listen to this and have fun.

“I like the music. Lots of people watch it - Jenny, Kim, Daniel, Mel…” – Delwyn.






Social media smartphone user

Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be great for keeping in touch with family and friends. 

“I love Facebook during lockdown because I keep in touch with my friends and other people I know. I think Facebook has been a lifeline to me.” – Daniel.



Writing a letter

A good old-fashioned letter is a great way to keep in contact with people and the act of writing or drawing can help beat stress and give you something positive to think about. Plus the excitement of receiving something through the post can be really uplifting.

John received a letter from his friends at Opal day centre. He really enjoyed reading this so decided to write back to them and tell them about what he’s been doing. 

Want to receive a letter like John? Here at Future Directions we know that lockdown can be hard and we want to get more people connected. That’s why we are launching a new ‘pen pal’ project. More information will be coming soon, so watch this space!

Remember, we are all living through this strange time together. Look after yourself and look out for your friends who might be finding this time difficult too. For now we are all finding different ways to communicate with each other, and having friends who can support us can make a huge difference.

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