Light at the End of the Tunnel: Paula's Message (19th November 2020)

19th November 2020 |

Paula Braynion and a Giant Snowman outside Marle House, Future Directions HQ.

To all Staff and Teams,

Last week it felt that we had turned a corner and hope was on the horizon with the Moderna vaccine reaching 90% effectiveness against coronavirus. This week, once again we have more hope with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine now proving 95% effectiveness in preventing coronavirus and has met the safety criteria needed for emergency authorisation. The UK regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), is also poised to fast-track authorisation of the vaccine after the government ordered enough for 20 million people.

To go from identifying a new virus to having several vaccines applying for approval is an incredible milestone for science.

At this moment in time the vaccine by itself cannot slow the spread and cannot save the many people who may get sick but it can give us hope that the pandemic will end. Every infection we prevent now through following the rules of lockdown is an infection that can, eventually, be prevented forever through vaccines.

We can then hug people we have missed and party like never before but for now let’s keep going, keep looking after each other and doing everything we can to stay safe.  

Let’s make the most of every day, knowing that better days are to follow and let’s be grateful for what we do have. Get everywhere decorated and please send your photographs in, it is lovely to see the happiness that it can bring – remember lets go BIG for Christmas. We have already decorated Marle House for Christmas and it looks and feels great (I hope you love the photo of me and the snowman and to note he is part of my bubble so we weren’t social distancing). Let’s find all the joy we can in this festive season!

Thank you for all you are doing, you are doing an amazing job living out our values, putting people first, being transparent, going the extra mile, being creative and being adaptable. You are saving lives. Your work and what you do matters and makes a big difference to people’s lives.


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