Onwards and Upwards: Paula's Message (26 November 2020)

26th November 2020 |

To all staff and teams

Thank you and Onwards and Upwards!!

Each of our staff teams should be receiving a letter from me either today or the next couple of days. The letter is sent from me, on behalf of myself, Alan our Chair and the rest of the Board and Senior Team. I think it is really nice to receive an actual real life letter through snail mail, especially if has some good news.

The gist of the letter is to continue to thank you for how hard you have worked in the most difficult circumstances we have ever known. You have done incredible. Last week the Government published a report showing people who have learning disabilities are six times more likely to die from COVID-19 than people who have not got learning disabilities. 

This rises to thirty times higher for people with learning disabilities aged 18 - 34 years. The fact that people we support have not only, so far, stayed safe is a real credit to you. By living out our values you have enabled them to not only be safe but happy in such difficult times. You have saved lives, you have done an incredible job!  It is so appreciated!

I think with winter and flu season coming it will be tough for a few months however we have got Christmas to look forward to and let’s make the best we can while staying safe.  

The end is in sight!  In a few months the vaccine should be rolled out and this will enable us to get back our quality of lives. Until then let’s keep doing things to stay safe, keep looking after each other and keep focusing on making Christmas big!

Your photos and videos, decorating the houses, making decorations and enjoying festive music, amongst all the other activities have been wonderful to watch.  

This week we are making a Christmas video to go with our new Christmas song and we would love to add clips of your Christmas cheer to it. Please send any 10 second festive clips to emily.paine@futuredirectionscic.co.uk by Monday morning and these will be added to the video. It will be great to see clips from across the whole of the Future Directions family bringing us all together virtually. 

Thank you again for living out our values and making a real difference to people’s lives.


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