Paula's blog - 12 April 2017

12th April 2017 |

Paula’s Blog

With Spring now sprung it’s brilliant to see the sunshine.  I think it makes most people feel happier and more optimistic about what is to come next.  On the back of our excellent CQC results it is time to look on how we can build on this and continue to grow and improve.  Our Plan for securing our future for the next twelve months focuses on three areas:-

Developing our excellent support

  • This means continuing to do what we do well and looking for opportunities to do more and/or new things that make a real difference to the lives of the people we support.
  • Living out our values – the more we do this, the bigger the difference we will make to people’s lives.
  • Aiming for Outstanding – showing, evidencing and developing ways of being recognised as an organisation offering the best levels of support possible.

Developing our teams

  • This means looking at how we can support everyone to be the best they can be.This could be through training that develops people’s skills and confidence.It could be through trying a new role or promotion.
  • We want to continue to look at how we work with teams to develop people’s ideas for moving our organisation forward.
  • We want to continue to develop our values based culture.This means having teams who put the people we support and each other first.Build each other up rather than drag each other down, look for solutions to problems rather than problems for every solution.Care about the people we support and care about each other and go the extra mile.

Develop our resilience (Bouncebackability)

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Resilience means that no matter how many times you get knocked down you have the ability to get back up e.g. Tigger.  On an organisational level it means:-


  • Being able to grow so that if we lose contract and/or have money cut from contracts we can cope.We also want to grow so that in the future we have enough money to invest in the people we support and our teams.This is why we look to expand the range of services we provide.
  • It means having enough money in the bank, not only to pay everyone, but to clear our debts and have some left over in case of emergency.

On a team level it means:-

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  • Giving you enough support and you giving each other enough support to enjoy the good days and bounce back from the bad days.



In the next few weeks and months you will hear a bit more about Our Plan and will be asked, through your appraisal and supervision sessions, how you and your team will make it happen and make it real.

Can I take this opportunity as always to thank you for living out our values and for all the hard work you put in to make a difference to the lives of the people we support.  Thank you.


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