Paula's Blog - October 2017

6th October 2017 |

Paula's Blog

I think our recent Celebration Day was fantastic!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and it was great hearing from every area about what people have done during the past year to make themselves proud.  What struck me was the clear evidence we could see of how living out our values makes a real difference to people’s lives.  Well done to everyone who took part!

We have recently updated our Future Directions Way which outlines what our values look like in action both at individual and team level.  Andy and Rosie will be rolling out the revised version across each area starting in Rochdale, Stanley Grange and then across the whole of Future Directions.  It is crucial that we consistently live out our values so we can provide the best levels of support possible.

Other exciting news!  We have just paid off the £1.6 million loan we owed to Calderstones now Mersey Care.  Given the cut backs and financial pressures facing the whole of the Social Care Sector this is a fantastic achievement and due to everyone’s hard work.  We still have other financial commitments to clear, but the Calderstones one was the biggest one to clear.  Once we have cleared the other financial commitments and built up some small reserves (this is some savings in case of unexpected events e.g. if a commissioner doesn’t pay us on time we have enough money in the bank to pay everyone on payday without delays) then we can look to reinvest any money we have into the people we support and our staff teams.  So, whilst we still need to get financially stronger before we can do this, we are now significantly closer having paid off the £1.6 million!  Well done everyone for pulling together and working as a team to clear that debt.

We are all looking forward to the Staff Awards and the People We Support Awards on 24th November 2017.  If you have been nominated, congratulations and if you have not let me take this opportunity to thank you for doing a job which is not always easy but is always worthwhile and when done well does make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives.

Finally I hope to see everyone at the Christmas Party on Monday 11th December 2017 at The Village, Bury.  Most people might have picked up on the fact that I love Christmas.  I love the lights, trees, decorations, music, Christmas Markets, food and drink, but most of all I love the sense of everyone coming together.  That is why I love the Christmas Party so much as a great opportunity for everyone to come together from near and far to celebrate the festive season.  I hope to see you there.

Can I be the first to wish everyone Merry Christmas!


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