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21st December 2016 |

Christmas is my favourite time of the year.  I love decorations brightening up the darkness of the winter.  I love present giving, food and the extra effort everyone puts in to make it such a special time of the year.

It also makes me really reflective of what’s gone in the past year.  It reminds me of people we loved who won’t be here to celebrate, this serves as a timely reminder that life is short.  We need to make the most of every moment.  We can do that in several ways:

Be happy at work.

We spend a lot of time at work.  So we are lucky that despite the inevitable hard days, we work in roles that are rewarding.  They are rewarding because we get to live out our values and do meaningful work that makes a real difference to people’s lives.  If you know people outside work who aren’t happy in their jobs encourage them to apply for a job with us and/or within social care.  If you’re not happy in your job take time to think why.  Are you in the right role in the right place?  Take control of your life and talk to your line manager about the best way forward.  Life is too short to be unhappy at work.  We would not want you to be unhappy and negativity is like a disease affecting others that you work with and the people you support.  I know the vast majority of our teams love what they do and because of that are brilliant at supporting others.  It is because of this we will be able to live out our values and make a difference to the lives of others.

Focus on the positives, don’t get dragged down by negatives. 

This can be really hard depending on what’s going on in your life.  However, we often can’t change others or circumstances and all we can change is how we think about it and deal with it.  Take time to reflect on all your positive achievements, both big and small, in the last twelve months.  What are your strengths?  If we only focus on negatives and what needs to be done it will lead to us feeling overwhelmed and defeated.  Remembering positive achievements and the positive difference you have made to the lives of others can give you the encouragement and energy to ride the waves of difficult times.

Be kind to yourself and others

Too many people don’t get enough sleep, have enough fun and then wonder why they feel low.  Make time to do the things you love, get enough sleep and spend time with ones you love.  This will re-charge your batteries.  Remember that.

“You never truly understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it". (To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee)

Sometimes we don’t know everything that is going on for someone else, but the slower we are to judge and the quicker we are to support would definitely make for a happier world.

This year we celebrate our achievements 

We have won the Skills for Care Accolade - Best Employer for Over 250 People, Driving Up Quality National Award for Openness and Transparency and the SPICE Group won The Making a Difference Award at the National Learning Disability Awards.

We have new services at Stanley Grange, Oldham and services back in Trafford.  We have seen people we support have fabulous holidays, get jobs, lose weight, make friends, find love, grow in confidence and have meaningful lives.  That is thanks to your work and your teams working so hard to live out our values.  Thank you for all that and for going the extra mile.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Paula Braynion, FDCIC Managing Director

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