SPICE Contribute to New Book on COVID-19 and Learning Disabilities

11th November 2020 |

A new digital book has been published to raise awareness of the experiences of people with learning disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic. The book is called Peter and Friends Talk About COVID-19 and Having a Learning Disability And/Or Autism.

The book includes accounts from people with learning disabilities, their carers and their family members. It also has accounts by health professionals from around the world.

Jenny Neville, SPICE Project Manager says, "We think that it is really important that people with learning disabilities voices are heard during COVID-19 and SPICE are really proud to share their experiences through this book.

"We think that by listening and sharing we can help shape what happens next and make things better for people with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum conditions."

You can download the book for free on http://www.stevehardyldn.com/covid-19-book. SPICE's contribution is on Page 226.

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