Stay Happy, Stay Safe: Paula's Message

1st October 2020 |

At this time of writing, there are 85 days to go till Christmas and 92 days till New Year's Day 2021. For most of this year, the pandemic has been our main news story across the globe with the UK in the midst of its second wave. Though the figures do not make for good reading, Paula's message is about pulling together and being able to "control the controllable - the things in our control".

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To all Staff and Teams

Reasons to be cheerful!

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way!! COVID-19 rates are rising, we are having more positive test results through for staff and people we support.

We need to control the controllable, the things in our control!

It has never been more important to look after each other and we need to wear PPE to protect each other from this. Please get your flu jab as if you get flu and COVID-19 at the same time, you have a 60% increased chance of dying. I really want each of you and the people we support to have the best chances possible to stay alive and well. If by wearing a mask and having a flu jab means that I have less chance of making you or someone we support ill, it is a small price for me to pay to keep you and others safe.

Also anyone who has the flu jab will be entered into a draw to win shopping vouchers worth £250 first prize, £100 second prize and £50 third prize and that could come in very handy for Christmas!

This year we won’t be having our usual celebration day which I love!! However we will be doing it online. The plan is that each area will have their own day. During that day we will see all examples of how, despite lockdown, people are having a great life. Every area has made their own video for us to watch and we are hoping it will be possible for Music Man, Kevin, to do a short celebration show for each area. The dates are:

  • Stanley Grange: Wednesday 21st October 2020;
  • Rochdale and Oldham: Thursday 22nd October 2020;
  • Manchester and Stockport: Friday 23rd October 2020;
  • Lancashire: Monday 26th October 2020;
  • Yorkshire and Rochdale Outreach: Wednesday 28th October 2020;
  • Specialist Services: Thursday 29th October 2020;
  • Trafford: Friday 30th October 2020

This year we are also going to have a virtual Christmas Party and in the future weeks we will be talking about how this will work so when agreed please add the dates in your diaries.

I know that this year has been hard for everyone and life has changed so much. However we want to go big, bigger than ever, for Christmas this year and despite restrictions make it the best ever for the people we support. We want to celebrate how the people we support and our teams are still here, alive and well. This would not happen without your hard work and living out our values through going the extra mile, being creative, adaptable, transparent and putting people first. You can and should feel really proud that, not only have you save lives but, enabled people to have fun and great lives as possible during these difficult times.

Thank you,


Paula Braynion,

Managing Director, Future Directions CIC.

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