Stay Safe and Merry Christmas: Paula's Message (10 December 2020)

10th December 2020 |

To all Staff and Teams,

This week the UK began the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine with the first vaccination given on Tuesday morning. This is definitely a turning point in the pandemic and shines a very bright light at the end of a very long tunnel.

The biggest risk we face now is that people think it is all over, we are a long way off from this and it is going to take a few months. This is not a time to relax things, we need to continue doing all things safe, otherwise we risk undoing all the hard work.

It is like running a marathon – we are now on the last lap, so slow and steady is what is needed as the end is in sight.

Next year we will be able to celebrate with a big and real party however until then let’s make the best of what we have and focus on what we have got, not on what we have not got!

Next week, Thursday 17th December, we will be having our virtual Christmas party starting at 7pm, so please tune in and join Kevin our Music Man and Stugle for Music, Bingo, Christmas sing-a-longs, visit from Santa and lots and lots of FUN.

Remember you have done an amazing job getting the people we support through to Christmas safe and well.  It wouldn’t be possible without living out our values and working so hard to keep everyone safe and to make the most of it. We need to keep looking after each other and being kind and patient, especially through the winter months. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember knowing that we have better times ahead.

You all really make a difference and it is really appreciated.

"It's a Cracker..."  

I thought I would end this week’s message with a couple of Christmas cracker jokes. Please feel free to add your clean Christmas cracker jokes too – anything that raises a smile and a laugh in 2020 is good and welcome news.

Why has Santa’s toy productivity gone down recently?
He has so many helpers “elf” isolating.

Why can reindeers go out and about over Christmas?
Because they have herd immunity.

Ho, ho, ho, and laugh out loud.

All the best and thank you.


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