The Future Directions CIC's Annual Awards Winners!

20th September 2016 |

A great afternoon was had by all at the Future Directions CIC's Annual Awards Ceremony. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements and the wonderful values driven work that our staff carry out on a daily basis.

The winners are:

The Adaptable Award

Jennifer McDaid

“Jenny McDaid will turn her hand to anything and never complains. One day in June she was a Personal Assistant, a Team Leader and a Network Manager. Jenny at the time I saw her was dealing with a safeguarding concern which came into to the office. She was on the phone to one of the houses she manages doing her Team Leader job and she was about to set off for a Bank PA shift so the people she supports could be supported by someone they knew. If you ring Jenny with a problem she gives you a cheery 'leave it with me' and before you know it she's found the solution”.




The Making A Difference Award

The Getting It Right Team

“The team have developed their own audit tool which they use when visiting people's homes. The user led group are experts by experience and use their knowledge and experience to make a real difference in people's lives. They make recommendations of how a services can provide and deliver higher quality support. The group are very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. They are always professional in their approach and a pleasure to work with”.


The Most Inspiring Manager Award

Michael Maden

“I knew from the very beginning that this was a person with excellent values. He was always willing to learn new skills and was passionate about getting the best outcomes for people he supported. He said to me after working for us for a couple of weeks that he could not believe that you got paid for being in such a privileged position and he wished he had gone in to this line of work years ago. He has recently been promoted to Team Manager and is an inspiration for the staff he manages. He is approachable and will give people the time they need to become trained in the job roles they need to do”. 




The Put People First Award

Shaun Merchant

“Shaun always puts the people he supports first. For example Shaun volunteered to come in to work even though initially on annual leave, this was to ensure a person supported could go on a day trip to an air show he had planned. Shaun has been an instrumental part in developing a variety of activity choices and making them happen. At present Shaun has taken the lead with putting together visual information around development of activities, always with the person supported at the centre of everything. Shaun’s calm and caring attitude is an asset to all the people he supports and the staff he works with”.




The Creative Award

Joanna McDermott

“Jo does excellent work on promoting Future Directions, raising awareness and developing a positive image of the organisation.  She is skilled in social media promotions and uses these to our best advantage.  She has worked hard to develop our website so that it is bright, modern and easy to navigate and ensures information is up to date and accessible. Jo’s positive influence is obvious if you look around the offices and noticeboards which are now bright, cheerful and, most importantly, relevant and up to date”.




Newcomer of the Year

Megan Cordwell

“Megan started as an apprentice in July 2015 and already has grown in confidence and become a very valued member of the team. Nothing is ever too much trouble to her and she always has a smile on her face. I believe she always goes that extra mile in all her areas of work but excels on the telephone and face to face with staff, both at interview, induction and with current employees. She has high standards in her work and continues with this ethos throughout”.




Outstanding Team Award

Thistle Green

“The team feed off each other’s abilities and work effectively together towards their main common goal - to achieve the best outcomes for the people they support. They live out the organisation’s values on a daily basis. They are committed to developing the lives of the people we support, ensuring they are central to everything they do. They have worked hard to develop/strengthen themselves as a team, always making time to openly and honestly listen to each other, receive thoughtful feedback, offer ideas, encouragement and give support to ensure competency”. 


Volunteer of the Year

June Anderton

Dennis and the Stay Team in Longsight would like to nominate June Anderton. Dennis says “June is lovely and kind and a real friend, for the past 3 years June has visited me every day Monday to Friday and phones me in the evening at weekends. She makes me smile and laugh. Nothing is too much trouble for June. She takes me shopping when I ask her and she always pays for her own expenses, unless I insist on treating her. I feel very lucky to have found a wonderful friend like June”.


The Support Services Award

Chrissie Wall

“Chrissie is a warm, approachable person who I feel always has time for everyone at Marle House. If you have any problems you can’t solve regarding pensions, wages, finances, sickness, annual leave, the list is never ending, Chrissie is your person. Chrissie will always stop what she is doing to help you, she never makes you feel you are bothering her. If Chrissie does not have the answer, she will help you find it with a smile on her face. Chrissie is also well respected by the personal assistants who often ring her up or come in to the office to see her regarding an issue they may have”. 




Go The Extra Mile Award

Nicky Walsh

“I am unceasingly in awe of this lady and her enthusiasm towards everyone and everything. If all the FD values could be bunched together Nicky's name should be top! Nicky puts people before her own needs - undoubtedly spending time with someone (and their issue) when needed even when her in-box is overloading. She is certainly creative - "no room available at Marle House?" Speak to Nicky who can magically find a place for you! Her adaptability is second to none - there are always solutions in Nicky's world. I believe she is everything we represent in Future Directions”.






A huge congratulations to all of our finalists on being nominated and getting through to the finals.


People who were nominated

Congratulations to the following people who were nominated by their work colleagues but who unfortunatley didn't get through to the finals:

Most Inspiring Manager: Lisa Bennett, Paula Braynion, Julian Gaskin, Abigail Grime, Jane Mazzafiore and Lorraine Meakin

Go The Extra Mile Award: Sue Edwards

Newcomer of the Year: Sam Price, Olu Ogundimu, Kayley Jones and Emma Yeadon

Outstanding Team Award: Rendlesham, Whittle Hall Lane, Poppyfields and Longford Place

Volunteer of the Year: Daniel Peay


Academic Achievements

The Academic section of the awards celebrated the academic achievements of Future Directions staff who have completed work related qualifications such as; Level 2 Distance Learning, HSC L3, PBM Plus, Care Certificates and Level 3 in Education.

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