Turning The Corner: Paula's Message (12 November 2020)

12th November 2020 |

To all staff and teams.

We have turned a corner! There is hope on the horizon.

This week we saw in the news that the initial results on a vaccine for COVID-19 suggested that it was 90% effective. Sky News also reported that if all goes to plan, the NHS is preparing to roll out the vaccines to the most vulnerable from December and that by summer 2021 there is a 70 - 80% chance of returning to a normal pre-Covid life!

Clearly there is still a long way to go and we all need to keep doing what we are doing to stay safe and keep the people we support safe until this hope becomes a reality.

However, for the first time since this COVID-19 situation began we can see some real hope of getting our lives back. Each of you and your teams have been fantastic in living out our values and by doing so keeping people safe and happy during these difficult times. You have worked so hard and it is really appreciated by our Board, Senior Team and myself.

The vaccine news has been a major boost as I am sure we all long for days when, we hug people outside our bubbles, have parties, go on holidays, have friends around etc. I think it will make us really appreciate all those things and more, in a way you can only do so when you have not had them. It is like that old saying you don’t know what you miss until it has gone and when life does return to normal I know I will appreciate being able to have a hug. I can’t wait until we can have our big celebration day and real life Christmas party.  I will appreciate it and love it even more than ever having not been able to do it this year!

Until then we must keep going, keep looking after each other and doing everything we can to stay safe.

Christmas Cheer

On 17th December at 7.00 to 8.00 pm we are going to have a virtual Christmas party via Zoom. Everywhere, prior to the event, will have received presents from Santa, party packs and money for a celebration meal! Then we will have an hour of fun knowing that the following year, if everything goes to plan with the vaccine, we will have the biggest and best party we have ever had.

Thank you for all your hard work, thank you for keeping going and living out our values. Let’s make the most of what we can now, knowing that better days lie ahead!  However, let’s make the most of the here and now, let’s go big for Christmas!! Get everywhere decorated and send your photographs in.  Let’s be grateful for what we do have – our health, our work, our friends and families, our homes and everything good in our lives. 

Thank you again for all you do, your work really makes a difference to people’s lives.


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