Voting Now Open for February's Good News Story Competition

27th March 2019 |

Thank you to everyone who sent in their Good News Stories for the '£100 Good News Stories Competition' in February.

We have had 4 entries. Please read the stories below and vote for your favourite on our Facebook page (click here to go to our Facebook page)

We have stories about football, cooking, long lost family and moving into a new home.

The winner wins a £100 Love2shop voucher to spend on their next activity.


1.Family is everything

James had not seen his family for 40 years, due to family break up they lost contact.

His is the eldest of 3 Children and his Brother Dennis and Sister Sue had not seen him since he was 9 years old when he was in care.

Sadly his Father passed away in August 2018 and through Heir Hunters they traced where James is currently living. His Brother contacted us and said he would love to see him again and had never forgotten him.  He had tried in the past to contact but was unable to trace him.

In February his brother Dennis and sister Sue visited James, when they were taken to his room James stood up and gave his brother Dennis a hug. It was very emotional and just goes to show family is everything and never forgotten.

We hope this is the start for the family to remain in touch by supporting James to build relationships, and keep in contact.


2. Rahima visits Manchester City

Rhaima’s friend had a ticket to go and watch Manchester City. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it so Rahima was asked if she would like to go. Rahima was happy to go and had an excellent time taking in the atmosphere and watching the football match. Rahima enjoyed herself so much that staff have been responsive and are now going to purchase Rahima a ticket for future matches so she can go and watch Manchester City with her friend.


3. John moves in to his new home

John has recently moved into his new home in Oldham. John spoke to his staff and said that he would like to buy some new clothes as he hadn't previously had the opportunity to go shopping in a long time. Staff were responsive and supported John to go shopping for new clothes at the Trafford Centre. John had a great time and enjoyed buying his new clothes! John is now looking forward to a holiday to Wales after he told his staff that he hadn't been on holiday for a few years and would love to go to Wales. John's staff team have been extremely adaptable and gone the extra mile to ensure John feels settled during his first few weeks in his new home, ensuring that staff holidays are covered with regular staff to ensure consistency for John during this time. 


4. James's Cheese and Onion Pie

James from Rochdale has shown an interest in come dine with me and asked his support staff if he could practice his cooking skills before he invited people. Alice lived out the values #PuttingtPeopleFirst and #BeingAdaptable by working with James to find out what he would like to make.

James chose cheese and onion pie and after making a list of ingredients and completing the shop independently.

Alice supported James to make his first pie with minimal support. James was so pleased with his finished pie and is now working towards who he would like to invite to his first come dine with me.

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