Voting Now Open for January's Good News Story Competition

13th February 2019 |

Thank you to everyone who sent in their Good News Stories for the '£100 Good News Stories Competition' in January.

We have had 5 entries. Please read the stories below and vote for your favourite on our Facebook page (click here to go to our Facebook page)

We have stories about baking, trips to the theatre, raising money for charity, moving into a new home, parties and remembering loved ones.


1. Debbie's Madeira Cake

Debbie has recently moved in to her new home in Oldham. Debbie's staff are living out the value of #PuttingPeopleFirst and one of the CQC’s 5 key topics, being responsive. 

By asking Debbie what her favourite activities are Debbie said she likes baking. Debbie and her staff had a chat about baking and Debbie said that her favourite cake is Madeira. Debbie and her staff then went to buy the ingredients and staff supported Debbie to bake her cake.

2. Mandy and Sue Enjoy the Theatre

Mandy has always loved going to the theatre from a young age with her family. This is something Mandy’s staff team have maintained over the years. Sue recently moved in and Mandy now enjoys going to the shows with Sue. Visiting the theatre is a new experience for Sue and she thoroughly enjoys going.

This support for both Mandy and Sue always achieves great outcomes for both ladies. They chat to staff for days after about the shows and sing the songs from the musicals they have seen. Seeing shows regularly maintains a quality of life for Mandy and Sue.

This good news story is a good example of staff being responsive to people’s needs (One of the 5 CQC’s key topics)

3. Remembering Dennis

When Dennis passed away and his ashes were collected, his family were adamant that they wanted his ashes scattering at his home. Our memorial garden had seen better days. As this is winter we needed to work fast, #BeCreative and #GoTheExtraMile to get the garden presentable in time for the memorial datewhich was fast approaching. After a few enquiries, Matt from Stanley Grange came to our rescue and did a wonderful job of revamping the garden and putting in plants that will re-flower and need little maintenance. We are so grateful to him. The other gents already love it and can’t wait to be able to spend time in the garden in summer with something nice to look at.

On the 26th January, Dennis’s family gathered to remember Dennis and let off doves in his memory. We have good relationships with the family and they have always felt welcome when they have visited and Dennis’s closest sister Fran and her husband Mike want to continue to visit the other gents and take them out locally, as they have built good friendships with them. Dennis’s ashes were scattered at 10am, a bit early for a normal buffet, so after discussions we agreed to have a breakfast buffet with a selection of crumpets, toast, potato cakes and a good old brew whilst reminiscing about the things our dearly beloved Dennis got up to.

4. Fred’s Head shave

As he has done for many years, Fred again #WentTheExtraMile and did his annual head shave in 2018. Fred decided to do the head shave for Dr Kershaws in Oldham again this year and they were ever so grateful and came to the house on 23rd January to collect it personally from Fred and tell him face to face how pleased they were to receive £291.68 from him.

We are all so proud of Fred, although he has cerebral palsy and his health has been up and down, he always thinks of others and wants to help in whatever way he can.


5. Rahima's Birthday Party

Rahima and her friends love to party and sing. Rahima’s staff were #Responsive and #WentTheExtraMIle to put on a party for Rahima. Rahima’s friends from 2 houses came to celebrate with her, this is the first time we have managed to do this. Rahima’s mum also came. We have singer who sang their favourite songs. Everyone had a great day!


Please vote for your favourite on our Facebook page (click here to go to our Facebook page)

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