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12th December 2018 |


Congratulations to C for winning November's '£100 Good News Stories' Competition! Your story is an inspiration to all. Also, thank you to C's support team for your values driven work and for sending us C's story. 


Thank you to everyone who sent in their Good News Stories for the '£100 Good News Stories Competition'

We have had 3 entries. Please read the stories below and vote for your favourite on our Facebook page (click here to go to our Facebook page)

We have the story of Mark's achievements over the last 12 months, Mandy's story on how she enjoyed Halloween and C's story on how C has overcome obstacles to leave hospital and is looking forward to spending Christmas with family.


Mark has had an exciting year. His staff team have supported him to take risks and achieve activities during the year such as:

  • Mark has rebuilt his allotment and won the #FDBestGarden Competition.
  • Mark particularly enjoyed growing pumpkins and was successful in winning the #FDBestPumpkin Competition.
  • Mark was supported to achieve a long cherished ambition and passed two courses in his passion-Egyptology.
  • Mark is now a member of Blackburn Egyptology Society and attends their monthly lecture. Mark was initially unsure about the studies, but quickly grasped that it was not scary and settled into his studies.
  • Mark has developed his creative and critical thinking and IT skills.
  • Mark was supported to set up his popular Twitter account. This has helped him make contact with local museums and societies and update all on his life at Stanley Grange. Each day he works with his staff team to generate content.
  • Mark has a passion for wildlife, and has used his activity money to introduce bird feeding outside his flat and has joined the RSPB.
  • Mark achieved another of his dreams on his barge trip. He thoroughly enjoyed his journey along the canal and recalls it regularly. 
  • This year has been notable for his return to fishing. His team were creative and innovative obtaining his fishing equipment and spent many successful hours on the riverbank. 
  • Mark was a finalist at the FD Star Awards, and his staff team were joint winners of Team of the Year Award.

To vote for Mark- click here to go to our Facebook page, find the post and comment 'Mark'


Our story is about a lady whom we support, C, and who in twelve short months has achieved so much. To other people looking in it might not appear a lot but let me explain to you about C and why we think this is the most amazing good news story.

Just over a year ago C overcame some obstacles and left a ward in a General Hospital. During her time in hospital C’s mood was low and was experiencing poor physical health. C did not want to leave her bed and her relationship with her family had all but broken down. But in just twelve short months since leaving the hospital, through C’s sheer determination and support from her determined staff team, C’s life has turned around.

This year C will be spending her first Christmas in quite a few years surrounded by the people who mean the absolute world to her, the family that has stood by her side.

C and her family are now able to envisage a future for C and are actively helping her plan for a future.

If we are lucky enough to win this competition then the prize will help pay for her long term goal, something she has never had but has always wanted - a night away in a caravan. Not a lot to most people but the light at the end of the tunnel for C and her family. So please consider our “good news story “. Thank you 😊

To vote for C - click here to go to our Facebook page, find the post and comment 'C'


Mandy’s staff team were very creative at Halloween. Previously Mandy didn’t want to wear a Halloween outfit and chose to only wear a hat. Staff and Mandy had a chat about how much fun it could be to dress up for Halloween. Mandy decided to wear a Halloween make up to the Halloween party next door and was engaged in the celebration and had a great time! Mandy has been enjoying telling people about the Halloween party and the make up that she wore.

To vote for Mandy - click here to go to our Facebook page, find the post and comment 'Mandy'


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