We Will Get Through This Together: Paula's Message

24th September 2020 |

The last week has been an eventful one with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise. To stop the spread of the pandemic, there are now tighter controls in place, meaning bars and restaurants have to only offer table service and close at 10pm. Working from home all week or on most of the working week has been recommended over travelling to work every day.

What matters most is our need to stay safe; even more so with winter only being weeks away in the UK. This also means the correct use of PPE and getting a flu jab, as said in Paula's latest message.


To all staff and teams,

Thank you and keep extra safe.

This week we have learnt that the numbers of people getting infected with the virus is doubling every seven days and unless this number and course of this virus changes there will be hundreds more deaths every day as we hit winter. This has led to further national, as well as local, ongoing restrictions.

Although it can be argued that a lot of the advice from Government and others can be confusing and everyone has an opinion on how things could have been done differently, what is clear is that if we don’t keep doing everything we have been doing to keep the people we support safe, and each other, all our hard work will be undone.

We have a clear plan. We have and will continue to follow that plan. We must keep looking out for each other. 92% of the population have not had this virus and have no resilience to it. As we know for most of the people we support, who have other health conditions and many are older, this virus can be deadly.

We have done so well keeping people safe but the risk is increasing and it has never been more important to keep to the plan.

Key aspects of the plan:

  • Please keep wearing and using the PPE. I know it’s uncomfortable, however it is genuinely there to keep you and the people we support as safe as possible. Keep with infection control guidelines for your area.
  • Please get a flu jab and ensure people we support have access to the flu jab. You can get flu and COVID-19 at the same time! If you get both at the same time you have a 60% increased chance of dying. 60%!!! Working in health and social care you are entitled to a free jab. An aching arm is better than dying or infecting someone else. (please let Nicky Walsh know when you have had your flu jab and your name will be put into a prize draw; 1st Prize = £250 with other great runner up prizes).
  • Ensure the people we support are still doing great fun and creative stuff inside their houses and when going out, go to quiet areas where social distancing is possible.

You are doing an amazing job, in really difficult circumstances. You have and are saving lives. I am genuinely really impressed with all the examples we see daily of you and our teams putting people first, going the extra mile, being creative, being adaptable and transparent.

Please keep following the plans for people we support and your area plans for staying safe. Please go and get a flu jab as I want us all to be here for Christmas and celebrating how we pulled together and to keep going until we get through this together.

We will get through this together and we want to get through it with all of us being here alive, well and happy.

Thank you,

Paula Braynion,

Managing Director, Future Directions CIC.

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