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Who Are We?

We are a friendship group for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, and autism spectrum conditions. If you want to make friends and share the same interests, everyone is welcome. Why not come and join us!

'Making friends, making memories'

iFly excursion

As well as exciting events and activities all year round, we can help you make lasting friendships. We can help you to find events and activities in your local area.

This is even more important now because the coronavirus has made it hard to get out and meet people.

We are still keeping in touch, but in different ways. To help people stay safe we have moved our events and activities online and have been telephoning people who may be lonely.

This is how we do it!

How we started

Chester Zoo outing.

In Spring 2018 the people we support at Future Directions told us that they wanted to make more friends and have lots of things to do.

A group of people supported by Future Directions looked at how we could make things a lot better. The group decided to form the ‘Friends for Life’ group. The group came up with lots of ideas from meeting up monthly to having bigger events throughout the year where people can meet new people and see old friends.

Funding from the National Lottery

The group was successful and awarded a Big Lottery Fund ‘Reaching Communities’ fund of £66,252.00, this is to support the project for two years.



What do we do?

Online activities and get togethers

Our online activities and get togethers help people meet up and have things to do, while it is hard to go out because of COVID-19 restrictions. Our online events include:



Other activities

We will help you to find local activities and events to go to and make friends.


Chester Zoo outing.

Do you like what we do?

If you are interested in Friends For Life, or like to know more about our events, please get in touch with Kim Barrett, our Personalisation Lead on 0161 769 9000. Or you could email her via







Meet The Team

David, Beth, Mel, KimJenny, Noel




A brief goodbye

Dianne RobertsDianne Roberts

COVID has changed a lot of things for a lot of people. Our beloved colleague and friend Dianne very suddenly passed away due to COVID-19. We will never forget the impact that Dianne had on all of us and how much she loved her work. She will forever be in our memories.


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