The 'Getting It Right' Team

‘Improving the quality of support people receive’

Future Directions are committed to monitoring and improving the quality of support people receive. A group of people Future Directions support came together to form a quality checking group and called themselves the ‘Getting It Right’ team.

The group have developed an easy read audit tool based on individual experiences, Future Directions values and the nationally recognised REACH Standards.

The team spend between 1 – 2hrs in the person’s home, talking to individuals and getting a feel of the home environment, observing interactions with fellow tenants and support staff.

The process gives a clear picture of what is happening in individual services and across the organisation.

What the ‘Getting It Right’ team do:

Two members of the team ask if they can visit people in their own home. The team then uses the audit tool to make observations and ask questions.

The team check that people who are supported by Future Directions are:

The team also talk to others that know the person well, including the support team and family members.

The team are then supported to write a report. This report is fed back to the people living in the property a few days later with any recommendations. It is also shared with managers and board members.

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