Anger Awareness Week at Future Directions CIC

1st December 2017 |

Anger Awareness Week and PBS

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Today marks the start of National Anger Awareness Week.  The aim of Anger Awareness Week is to identify anger as a social issue which can cause stress, which needs to be brought out into the open and addressed effectively. Anger Awareness Week will help people befriend anger by using the right tools to calm themselves down and to deal effectively with this emotion, be it of their own or that of others.

All of us can feel anger from time to time, the main thing is that we are aware of how we are feeling and what we do with the emotion we are feeling.

Our mood can often vary from mild irritation to red hot rage.  When we look for explanations for our anger it is often linked to external causes such as other people or the environment we experiencing around us.  Psychological explanations would look at our cognitions (thoughts), feelings, Physiological changes (bodily reactions). These can often lead to impulsive reactions. People often go into fight or flight mode.

People with learning disabilities are no different than anybody else having the same thoughts, feelings and behaviours as a person without a disability. 

Positive behaviour support recognises that there is always a reason for how a person may behave and it is often a form of communication. Positive Behavioural support can be used with anybody not just people with learning disabilities it uses proactive strategies to prevent a person reaching crisis or displaying anger in a way that is distressing for the person or others around them. PBS is a multi-component approach and through functional assessment identifying the reason for the behaviour it can look at implementing strategies such as teaching new skills, identifying triggers and teaching coping strategies involving other professionals. Future Directions have a training DVD that is used with individuals we support and also as part of staff in house training. The DVD was made involving individuals we support acting out scenarios that they have identified as situations they have experienced previously.

The DVD is available for anybody who would like to use it within their daily life or work place just contact Future Directions CIC on



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