Captain Sir Tom Moore: An Inspiration: Paula's Message (4th February 2021)

4th February 2021 |

To all Staff and Teams.

In this past week we have had mixed news.

The good news is we now have over 10 million people who have been vaccinated. This is brilliant news as the sooner the majority of people have the vaccination the quicker we can all get our lives back. Research this week proves that having the vaccine does significantly decrease the chances of you passing the virus to others. So by having the vaccination you are keeping yourself, your families and the people we support safe!

Sad news, as you will have heard, Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away. What we need to remember is what was so inspirational about Captain Tom, not only did he remind us that age is no barrier to making a difference and achieving great things he was also inspirational in how he always maintained an optimistic outlook on life. The quote Captain Sir Tom Moore is best known for is this one:

“The sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore knew, through living over 100 years, that there will always be good times and bad times however life is cyclical and nothing lasts forever. Despite how it feels lockdown won’t last forever. Which is why it is so important we all get the vaccination as soon as possible so we can move forward. Captain Tom knew the importance of having an optimistic positive mind set and that’s why he was so wise and determined. He made a difference to the world and ultimately that is why you do your work, because you know it makes a real difference to the worlds of the people we support through living out our values. Thank you for making this difference, your work makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Living Out Our Values

Susan, Daniel, Olivia and Ryan at Birch Lodge.An example of living out our values can be seen in this weeks “shout out” to Birch Lodge staff.

Bob, one of the people we support has just had a week in hospital due to Covid-19. It is very important for Bob that he has consistent support from people he knows and trusts so being in hospital in an unfamiliar environment and routine would be very difficult for him. His staff team didn’t want this to be worse for him being surrounded by people he didn’t know and with this in mind they really lived out our values of putting others first.

His staff from Birch Lodge volunteered for up to 12 hours every day to ensure Bob had people with him. They encouraged his dietary intake (as ward staff did not have time to spend on this), they assisted with his physical care, encouraged him to take his medication, and they gave him routine and familiarity which are very important to Bob. With this support and encouragement Bob has recovered well helped by his staff going the extra mile and putting people first.

Bob and a dog

Well done and thank you to the staff at Birch Lodge; Susan Ogden, Daniel Bowles, Olivia Devaney and Ryan Cooper.

Thank you to all our teams for the amazing work you do to keep people safe and enabling people to be happy in these times.

Please send “shout outs” to along with photographs to give us a chance to say thank you to them.

Stay strong and stay safe,


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