Dignity in Care at Future Directions

1st February 2018 |

Dignity at Future Directions CIC

Dignity in care is something that each individual should be given regardless of wealth, the provider giving care, or care needs, everybody should feel secure with the knowledge that all will receive the upmost of dignity whilst care is being given.

On February 1st 2018, Future Directions CIC will be celebrating Dignity Action Day, #DAD2018.  This is an annual opportunity for all health and social workers and all members of the public to uphold the rights to the highest of dignity whilst in their care.  It is also used as a reminder by organisations such as ours to re-educate ourselves as to what dignity means and how this can be used in our everyday practice, acting as a reminder to ensure this takes place in all aspects of our work both for our staff and also the people we support.   At Future Directions one of our main aims is to ensure people who use our care services are treated as individuals and are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.  We believe that all are a valuable part of our organisation and with this, dignity will be met with dignity.

At Future Directions, we have a zero tolerance of abuse.  We have a whistle blowing policy which staff are trained on within their induction process.  Likewise, any reports from people we support with regards to abuse or lower levels of service are acted upon swiftly and brought to a conclusion with care, using the correct procedures.  Our core values envelope the feeling that when you are in the work place or dealing directly with somebody who needs care, that they are treated with the same level of respect which we would expect for ourselves or a family member and nothing less will do.  

At Future Directions, it is our belief that our person centred approach allows for each individual to be treated as their own person.  Each care pathway is subject to the needs of that specific person and not to those who may be living in the same accommodation, what is right for one, will not mean that this fits all, we are passionate about the each individual thriving to the needs of their own aspirations and desires.  With this in mind, we want all in our care to have independence, control and above all choice, we want the people we support to have a voice and be part of their own progression.

We review our care and support constantly to ensure the best is being received, is working and progress is being made.  The care plan is often added to in order to suit the change of need for each individual at that particular stage of their care.  We listen and encourage feedback to ensure that all are being given the opportunities and activities they enjoy which will enrich their lives and see a development of personal achievement of goals, we want everybody at Future Directions to have a voice.


We have regular family and carers get togethers to ensure feedback and understanding of the care their family is receiving is the best it can be.  We believe that the family of the individual is as much a part of Future Directions as their loved one.  It is imperative that these relationships are open and honest, at Future Directions we are trusted by our families and we want them to see that care in action.

All at Future Directions are encouraged to build their confidence and self esteem by doing activities which they feel will benefit their life.  We organise an array of opportunities to build confidence which in turn aids independence and hopefully in the future less care for the individual to move forward.

We want all in our care to be part of our family and part of the wider community.  The people we support should never feel isolated or lonely and our Outreach support is an excellent way we have achieved this when levels of support needed have decreased and therefore some individuals have lost that ability to interact as much throughout the day.  The work of our volunteers has allowed this organisation to go from strength to strength in encouraging people to go out and live their lives and not let mental health problems or learning disabilities be a hindrance to fulfilling their goals and dreams.

The film we have made is entitled, 'Empowering, enabling choice and control'. Please watch and get in touch to let us know how this film made you feel and find out more about the amazing work going on at Future Directions.



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