Learner Accolade Achievements: Daniel De Bono and Imran Hussain

14th December 2020 |

Imran Hussain and Daniel De Bono, two apprenticeship learners with Partnership Training (one of the training providers we work with), have picked up Learner Accolade Achievement Awards. Imran, who is based at Stanley Grange, received a Platinum Learner Accolade. Daniel, based in Rochdale, picked up the Silver Learner Accolade.

Learner Accolades are awarded to apprentices at Partnership Training that have showcased the impact of significant knowledge, skills and behaviours that they have gained and developed through their apprenticeship programme. Each award is focused on the achievements and milestones achieved by the individuals in their pursuit of knowledge. It is a recognition of their hard work and dedication to studies and the impact that this has had on them and their practice.

On the 10th December, Imran and Daniel received their awards in a socially distanced awards ceremony at Marle House. On winning the Silver award, Daniel said, “I am very pleased to have won this award, engaging in my Level 2 has boosted my confidence both in and outside of the workplace and I feel it has allowed to me to provide a higher standard of care to the people we support. I look forward to continuing my professional development in to my Level 3 in future.”

Imran, on receiving the Platinum award said, “That's absolutely fine. Firstly, I feel happy, privileged and immensely proud to have won this accolade. I really enjoyed working on this course as it improved and increased my knowledge, both at work and at home.

"I am also grateful to Future Directions for sponsoring my Apprenticeship, for me to ultimately to be able to achieve this. I am sure other staff members will agree when I say that this is very useful in our day to day work and without the company recognising this, this achievement would not be possible.

"I would also like to especially mention how appreciative I am of all the help, support and advice my previous tutor (Eileen Houseman) has given me throughout. She was understanding and empathetic even during difficult times and I am really grateful to her for this.”

We all need good news stories to lift our spirits which is even more pertinent during these uncertain times. Seeing Daniel’s and Imran’s handwork and commitment being recognised by these awards was uplifting to see and a positive message to everyone that we can all achieve positive outcomes in adversity.

"Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it." – Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965).

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