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25th July 2018 |

Here at Future Directions we are proud to call ourselves a values based company. We believe that by using our values as a guide on how we behave and act so that by putting people first, going the extra mile, being adaptable, creative and transparent we can, will and do make a real difference to people’s lives.

We are pleased to launch our new values film, values pages on our website and our two new versions of The Future Directions Way.

Values Film

Our Values film shows how we live out our values with the people we support, how we put our values into practice and how doing this makes a positive difference to the lives of the people we support.

Click here to view our film.

Future Directions Way

We have launched the next two editions of our ‘Future Directions Way’, Working Together and Professional Behaviours and Personal Responsibility for Individual Performance. These guides highlight what our values look like in action when working with the people we support, working in staff teams and the professional behaviours expected when taking personal responsibility for individual performance.

Click here to view our Future Directions Way.

Values Area on our Website

Our new Values area of the website is a great resource to get to know and understand our values. They explain why our values are so important to us, how we can live out our values and how we ensure that our values are lived out.

Click here to view the new values section on our website.

Living out our values

As well as on our website, our values are displayed throughout Future Directions, they are on all computer screens, on posters in all houses and offices, on signage throughout Marle House and on all of our promotional material. They are also symbolised in our logo as a compass, a reminder that our values guide us in everything that we do and guide us when making decisions. However, we know that none of this means anything unless we live our values out. We all want to make a positive difference to not only the people we support but to each other. Remembering our values and more importantly, living them out, means that we can achieve our goal of making a difference. We have lots of procedures in place to ensure that our values are lived out throughout the whole of Future Directions. You can read about how we embed our values here.

Values bring good news!

A gentleman we support, Mark, has recently lived out his dream of taking a trip on a barge. Mark’s staff team worked together by being adaptable and creative in finding ways to make Mark’s dream a reality. They went the extra mile by organising trips before the day for Mark to familiarise himself with the area and the boat and to try on his lifejacket, they put Mark first by working with him to ensure he was happy at every step of the way and ensured that he knew what was going to happen on his trip. Mark had a fantastic day, he was very happy to have lived out his dream. Click here to read about Mark’s trip.

Wise Words…

“Your values become your destiny” Mahatma Gandhi

In other words, if we consistently put people first, go the extra mile in all we do, be transparent about what we are doing and why, find creative and new ways of making things happen, adapt to meet people’s needs, how could we not have a positive impact on people’s lives. 

By living out our values we can, do and will make a difference to people’s lives.


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