Winterbourne View: 10 Year Anniversary (28th May 2021)

28th May 2021 |


Winterbourne View: 10 Year 



Monday 31st May marks the 10th Anniversary of the Panorama programme that showed the abuse that happened to people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View.

Winterbourne View was a private hospital that ‘treated’ people with learning disabilities or Autistic people. Panorama made an undercover documentary that showed people with learning disabilities and Autistic people being repeatedly assaulted and abused by the staff that were employed to support them.

This week is a ‘week of action’ leading up to the anniversary. It is led by Learning Disability England and self –advocates and is a time to look at human rights and to listen to people with learning disabilities. 

Today is Day 5 and the theme is ‘Self-Advocacy is the Answer’. The message is clear – we must listen to what people with learning disability and autistic people want. 

Here at Future Directions our SPICE group talked about Winterbourne View and why is important that we remember and learn from what happened. John said that he remembers watching the programme, he said “I felt shocked, I felt disgusted and angry about it”. 

Daniel said “we’re not learning because mistakes are still happening... There’s too much hiding under the carpet.” 

SPICE stands for Supporting People into Community Employment and is a group at Future Directions that provides paid opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autistic people to have a voice and get involved in training people about learning disabilities, and about issues that are important to them. Daniel says “advocacy is so important and SPICE has given us a voice.”  Self-advocacy and listening to people with lived experience IS the answer. 



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