World Mental Health Day at Future Directions

10th October 2017 |


Mental health issues can affect anyone, at anytime, nobody has the ability to say 'it'll never happen to me.' This day, Tuesday the 10th October is our day to show our support for better mental health for all and allow individuals to start looking after their own wellbeing each and everyday.

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2017 is 'workplace wellbeing'. Whether you yourself are looking to improve your own state of wellbeing or us an employer, we are always seeking advice on supporting our staff, enhancing their work life balance and well being within our workplace. On being given a job offer or volunteering at Future Directions, each person is asked to complete their own 'One Page Profile'. It allows an individual to be completely aware of their own strengths and how these are going to help them within their working environment. It allows us as an employer to understand exactly how we can better support all individuals within our organisation and how our core values can enhance their own feelings whilst at Future Directions CIC.  We currently support the mental health of our workers through supervision, appraisals and individuals being given the ability to move if they are feeling burnt out. We also offer yoga to both staff and the people we support, to be active mentally and physically together in a neutral environment.

A person living with a mental health issue often finds that it has an impact on day to day life, making things that others might not think about a little bit more difficult. Whether it is the staff working for our organisation or the people we support, an individuals positive mental health is paramount at all times.

At any one time one in six adults has a mental health condition and one in a hundred has a severe mental health illness. People with a mental health issue, die younger and a greater proportion have poor physical health in comparison to the general population. These differences are most significant for people with serious mental illnesses, such as psychosis or bipolar disorder who die on average 10 to 17 years earlier than the general population.

When Future Directions CIC was founded, the people we supported mostly had learning disabilities, some had mental health issues aswell. At present however we support many individuals with moderate to severe mental health problems who are no longer housed in institutionalised settings, to help them to live their lives integrated into community and managing their issues with less medication. It soon became very apparent that many of our skills and competencies were transferrable to enable us to support individuals with mental health needs. Therefore we extended our service provision to include support for people with mental health diagnosis. Over the last few years we have successfully continued to develop and deliver these services. We ensure that all of our services are person centred and outcome based and on individual's treatment, care and rehabilitation. We have a range of service models e.g. residential, supported living and outreach which ensure that individuals have flexible pathway options to support them on their journey towards recovery. Our outreach programme allows its teams go into people's homes and work with individuals to build their confidence after coming out of hospital and enabling people to stay in their own homes out of hospital, which sets and maintains their independence. We are able to support individuals in all aspects of their lives including work, education and healthcare.

We also help individuals with mental health problems, by encouraging them to think about their strengths and abilities in order to take control of their lives and allow them to reach their goals whilst achieving improved health and mental wellbeing. Levels of support provided are bespoke and flexible in response to the individuals changing level of needs. Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of mental health. We are one of a few CIC's who's supporting our Positive Behavioural Support lead to under go Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) training which will in turn offer more to both people with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health issues ensuring that staff are trained to the highest levels in order to support the delivery of treatment in various mental health diagnosis.

Our ability to support an individual with mental health problems is now becoming a strong strand of our work and we are a leading organisation of our person centred approach.

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