What are values and why are they important?

Our values are our compass.

They guide everything we do and define what is important to us. We want our actions and behaviours to live out our values for everyone we support, who we work with and work in partnership with.

Values are:

  • Principles to live by.
  • Standards of behaviour.
  • Define what is important in life and work.
  • Help people understand the difference between right and wrong.

Why are they so important?

  • Our values guide our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Our values will guide how we make decisions.
  • Our values will guide and inform how we behave.
  • Our values keep us focused on what is important and what we want to achieve.

At Future Directions our values are:

  • Put people first
  • Be transparent
  • Go the extra mile
  • Be creative
  • Be adaptable

We will always try to put others first, go the extra mile, find creative and adaptable ways of enabling people to have the best and happiest life possible. If we get it wrong or have to make difficult decisions we will live out our value of being transparent, looking to explain why and, more importantly, what we can do going forward to put people first.